8 days since the last update

What has happened at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station since then? Although this will be a quite short update, it might appeal to all design lovers. And, at the end, we'll take a little look into the future :-P

Wallpapers are out? No!

This week, the wallpapers pimping up the common areas on the ground floor arrived and were immediately attached. See for yourself.

Pretty in pink… or lilac. This will be your movie. A cozy sofa and other furniture is about to come. Netflix and (well-behaved) chill is loading!

Books, books, books: Welcome to our “Silent Study Room”! Obviously, it is modelled after a library. Soon, small and private study bunks will complete these beautiful walls. Your concentration is save... theoretically.

This is a small wall dividing the lobby and the gaming area. Below the skyline, a small wooden board will be placed. Trust me, it will look great!

And that's the other side of this room divider. Can you spot the aliens? Anyway, in front of this wall, the billard table will be placed.

Whatelse happened?

I already "spilt the tea" on Instagram: Out of the blue, you might also say magically, this juicy green lawn appeard around THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station. Congrats to all all the lucky ones who booked an apartment with terrace on the ground floor. You even got some trees and bushes! As someone who grew up on the country side, actually more like completely in the woods, I would totally appreciate and love having this green oasis at my doorstep. (The ropes will be removed...)

Fortune teller: What will happen next?

You don't really need to be a fortune teller to know what will be going on during the days left until the opening. Actually, the whole developmental process of THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station is planned down to the smallest detail. With the greatest respect, a big shout-out to our project managers, construction workers and everyone making this happen! Here are some of the next steps:

  • Illuminated logos:
    Of course, we want you to recognize THE FIZZ as soon as the student house becomes visible while you are approaching. Besides the banners on the buildling's walls, our two illuminated logos will be installed next Wednesday.
  • Welcome to the urban jungle!
    All of you regularly reading THE MAGAZZINE might already know about our art competition with students of "Die Angewandte". In the last week of September, Monika and Dominik will realize their concept. Totally looking forward to it! BTW: Here's a presentation of some of the fabulous concepts.
  • Interior magic:
    Besides the wallpapers, much much more is being created in the common areas. Furniture is being put together, walls were painted, pictures will be put up soon.

You see, the building is gradually becoming a student residence - your new home! I can definitely assure you that everything will be perfectly ready for you on October 1st :-)