Designed for students by students:

THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station

Last week, I already spread the news about our new opening in Vienna and dedicated a special blog post to THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station. For our second house in Vienna, we focused on putting our learnings from (customer) feedbacks into action by refining our clever system furniture, services and… adapting our house’s look and design.

Looking at the house’s (future) lobby, common areas and apartments, our interior designer Sherron did a great job:

Gaming area at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station - GAME ON!

Still, we (Sylvia, our project manager, and I) wanted to include the “real” experts into the creation process. These would be YOU, the students actually living in our THE FIZZ student accommodations. You know best, what is “eye candy” to you and meets your needs plus taste.

Designed by students… of Die Angewandte!

Let’s get to the point:

We are thrilled to announce working with the students of Die Angewandte as designers of the entrance of THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station!

Guided by Prof. Oliver Kartak, about 20 students of University of Applied Arts Vienna will submit their concept for our entrance. One masterpiece will be chosen to be actually implemented in our building. On February 10, Oliver Kartak and his students  visited THE FIZZ Vienna Brigittenau  for a briefing session. We showed them around our first Viennese THE FIZZ in order to get them acquainted with the concept of our houses. Afterwards, we got to the real exciting part: Introducing them to THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station and their task!

It's a match! Some students were even dressed THE FIZZ way. A coincidence?

Design of... which entrance?

THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station will feature an entrance with a glass windscreen (look below). We asked the students to not only design the whole entrance area, including the post boxes inside, but also ceilings and the glass doors as well as the windows next to them.

The star of the art competition with Die Angwandte: Our windscreen

Design until… when?

We don’t want to and, actually, we can’t give away too much information now. But one thing is for sure: We are more than excited about the students’ concepts for our entrance and happy as a hippo to work with such talented young people. So, the most important question is: When will your – and our – curiosity be satisfied?

On April 10 the artists will present their concepts to us!

Of course, I’ll keep you posted. Maybe checking our social media channels might be a good idea, too? There might be some sneak peeks and snippets of the concepts. And who knows if you even get a say in the choice of the winning concept?

Stay tuned!


The concepts have, of course, already been presented. You can check them out HERE!

The winner has been chosen as well and the concept even been realized. Check out the winner HERE.