Spoilt for choice: 11 fabulous concepts

Some time ago, we proudly told you about students of “Die Angewandte” developing concepts for our windshield and entrance at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station. (Refresh your memory here.) On April 10, the creative minds finally presented their different concepts of awesomeness to us. All 11 ideas are unique and one of a kind. The only thing they have in common is the reaction they triggered in us…

...delight and despair!

There’s a German phrase “die Qual der Wahl haben” (to be spoilt for choice) which exactly describes the challenge we are facing right now. We were stunned by 11 proposals and have to decide for just ONE! Sylvia, our project manager, perfectly summed up this problem with:

“We need more entrances!”

From light installations  to mirrored ceilings

Describing the range of concepts as broad would be an understatement. We were prepared for nearly everything but, still, we got surprised by completely different approaches. Luckily, we are able to show you the concepts as well:


Combining nature and architecture by using backlit plastic/paper plants behind a frosted glass wall. This portal to another world sounds and looks good - especially with THE FIZZkus! :P

© by Monika Ernst + Dominik Einfalt


A cave of coziness made by two-tone wooden panels. Got us moved!

© by Monika Ernst + Dominik Einfalt


Sorry guys, we gotta keep you waiting a bit! Unfortunately, we can't incorporate a video here without uploading it to YouTube... But the light projections of Sarah Borinato + Noah von Stietencron are definitely worth the wait!


5 different sets of stickers that are attached according to special rules. But... everyone can join - amazing! We can't stress it enough: Join it. Join the family!

© by Sarah Borinato +Noah von Stietencron


That painting definitely creates warm fuzzy feelings... who would even think about leaving THE FIZZ with an entrance like that?

© by Hilal Avci


Okay, we love word games anyway... but these LED walls are simply amazing, too. Welcome to THE FIZZSPAZE - our own universe!

© by GAo Di + Tobias Raschbacher


Say hello to these funny guys! THE FIZZ unites more than 40 different nationalities in Vienna. We have received a whole set of illustrations to show the diversity that is combined under one roof.

© by Marie-Theres Kölblinger + Aliya Nurgaliyeva


An illuminated system of roots hangig from a mirrored ceiling. Or is it water? Waves? This is a masterpiece of visual illusion!

© by Andreas Pallinger

FLURGEFLÜSTER (corridor whispers)

THE FIZZperience: Communication. Friendship. Fun. This artist perfectly summarized our values and how life is better at THE FIZZ in one big illustration.

© by Verena Repar

HEIMATGEFÜHL (sense of home)

A warm welcoming feeling by using wooden panels in the shape of the Großglockner. What we think about this regional and homey concept: Leiwand!

© by Lisa Marie Leitgeb


Yes, you definitely are at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station! A short and sweet message tailored to our procduct concept. Perfect.

© by Julia Winkler

We want it all!

At least now you know that I wasn't exaggerating.. we need more entrances or other locations where we can use these fabulous concepts!

@Klasse Kartak: It was and is a pleasure to work with you - such young and talented students. We are looking forward to the implementation of the winning concept! Once we managed to decide… Hint: We will inform you about it by the beginning of May!

Meet the artists!