1. A modern house a stone’s throw away from the university

Believe me when I say: you are going to feel enchanted. And I am not only talking about the atmosphere in the house, but also its brilliant location. Imagine moving into one of the 335 fully furnished rooms in a three-section building with comfy community areas and a private green space. During weekdays you are mostly out, taking classes at the university or studying at the library.

What if I told you that the main campus of the University Bremen and THE FIZZ Bremen are only 500 meters apart? Living close by means saving lots of time for the commute and spending it on things like sleeping, working out those abs or chilling in the late afternoon with other FIZZies. Click on the link below to take a convenient online tour through your future home. 

Find out about all-inclusive living in Bremen

2. Your new friends are right across the hall

Most probably you are starting this “new chapter of life” as a student moving away from home. Being new in an unknown city can be difficult at first, but THE FIZZ has your back here as well. As a student accomodation, THE FIZZ welcomes a great number of students each semester. The house is filled mostly with people in their early twenties from different universities in Bremen and those taking part in the Erasmus Programme.

What you share with your neighbours at THE FIZZ is not only the building, but also probably the university, or maybe even the study course. FIZZies are the best people to hang out with in the backyard, to party during the weekends and to explore the city together… and Bremen has a lot to offer!

That’s the Universum, a science centre in Bremen

You probably know Bremen as one of the three German city-states, along with Berlin and Hamburg. It also has the distinction of being a combination of two cities, Bremen and Bremerhaven, which together make up the city of Bremen. What makes it spectacular is the capability to be teleported back in medieval times, and futuristic visions coming from the immense blend of the old with the new, boasting numerous top attractions.

This could be your home at THE FIZZ Bremen

The first on the list is obviously the Old Town: explore Bremen’s historic market square, find the famous bronze statue of Town Musicians of Bremen wander through Bremen’s medieval Schnoor Quarter, stroll the 100-meters-long Böttcher Street filled with unusual expressionist architecture and finally walk along the pedestrian zone on the east bank of the river Weser called the “Schlachte”. When discovering Bremen you can not miss one of its newest attractions, the Universum, a science centre with almost 300 fascinating hands-on exhibits.

Also of interest is the German Maritime Museum located a little more than 60 kilometres north of Bremen dedicated to the city’s rich maritime history. One of the main features displayed at the museum is a well-preserved wreck of a 14th-century cog, a round ship propelled by a single, rectangular sail. If the reasons why Bremen is the tenth most popular city destination in Germany have not become clear yet, they will be upon your arrival. But enough about the tourist attractions!

enough room to host your dinner party in THE FIZZ Bremen

Bremen is a great choice for students of all fields, not only because of its rich history, but mostly its prominent universities such as the previously mentioned University of Bremen or the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. Though it is considered to be rather a small city, it has a noticeable student atmosphere that gives you a chance to go on some fairly good nights out with your friends. One of the key places for pre-drinks is Eurobar where anything goes for 1 euro only. The most common “starter” is the “Jägerbomb”, a mix of Jägermeister and RedBull. Another popular club among students is LaViva which is open Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, but you have to go there on a Friday night. The reason why is simple: it’s free to get in when you show your semester card. During your night out you also have to visit the Tower. This establishment is divided into two floors, which are focused on different types of music. On the lower one, they play rock and commercial music, where as on the upper floor you can enjoy more techno and hip-hop. So, what are you waiting for? Join your peers at THE FIZZ Bremen, make some new friends, discover the city together and enjoy the nightlife!

LaViva Bremen's Club Discotheque at a Friday night

3. If you need help or advice, just come downstairs

Being new in the city, you probably don’t know the best coffee spots yet by way of example. Come downstairs to the reception and meet the team around Frank and René who will always be happy to help in any matter! Not only are they going to recommend you the best coffee around, but also be at hand when something is broken and needs fixing in your apartment. During opening hours you can encounter your House Manager, Assistant House Manager and the House Technician at the main entrance. Pick up your parcel from Amazon, borrow a vacuum cleaner or just come by for a chat. You will always be greeted with a smile.

At THE FIZZ you get to know people from all around the world

After this comprehensive list of reasons why you have to move into THE FIZZ Bremen, all that is left to say is that new beginnings bring new experiences. Let yourself discover a new city, move into a comfortable apartment, make new friends and get crazy with them! Let’s put it out there: “Life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy”. Make the once at THEFIZZ Bremen memorable.

by Zuzanna Lopaciuk