We are so excited to finally have you here, dear reader! Before you start exploring our blog posts, let us tell you a story.

From Vienna Calling to THE MAGAZZINE: How it all began

Almost everyone has to move from one place to another at least once in his life. This can be an adventure of its own, especially when it involves a foreign country – or a whole student residence! In our case both applied.

In 2017, we – THE FIZZ – opened our first student accommodation in the city of Schnitzel and Waltz, in Vienna. You could say, we left “Hotel Mama” in Germany to prove ourselves in Austria.

Knowing that this would be an exciting journey, we decided to share this experience with our community by providing updates and sneak peaks of and into the new THE FIZZ Vienna. It was going to be our flagship house with the most spacious common areas at that time.The wish for sharing and caring – and our joy in writing – called for starting a blog! And that’s what we did: We wrote a welcoming blog post and found a spot on our website for our Vienna Calling blog documenting the construction and opening of our first student residence abroad.

Going down memory lane: This image is the "cover photo" of our journey to Vienna!

And here we are in 2019

Many FIZZies, students, parents and all kinds of people were interested in the stories we had to tell and the information we had to share. Of course, it was a pleasure for us to clear our minds with a little creative writing, too. But besides that, we felt the need to tell you more, to provide you with the hottest news and stories straight out of ALL our THE FIZZ houses (btw, these would be 7 in Germany right now).

Our ultimate goal:
We want to share (y)our community experiences throughout ALL our houses in Europe (we are coming to Budapest, Prague, Krakow, Hamburg, ...)! THE FIZZ gives a home to students from all over the world and we aim to connect you – with THE MAGAZZINE!

However, that’s not all: As we wrote above, the adventure of moving to another city is kind of a challenge. Many of our tenants, our FIZZies, come from all over the world, meaning they have to move abroad. They don’t know anyone in their new home town and have a whole lot of things to deal with. With THE MAGAZZINE, we want to take that burden off you by delivering comprehensive information on how to arrive in your new home. We will serve you with the best places to study, to relax and so much more!

At a glance: What to expect from THE MAGAZZINE

  • FIZZ Life
Stories (and scandals?) straight out of THE FIZZ houses – keeping up with the FIZZies!
  • City Life
The best restaurant, the next bank or supermarket in your city – all the insider tips!
  • Good to now
Study guides, stuff to take care of when arriving – everything you need to know for mastering student life!
  • News
Partnerships, cooperations, new THE FIZZ locations – first in time, first in line for the hottest news!

In this spirit: We wish you a pleasent read ;-)

Want to show off your writing skills or fancy sharing your student experience?

We are always looking for FIZZies, students and local heroes to collaborate with us as guest authors. If you got a nice idea for a blogpost or just enjoy writing, be sure to get in touch with us: magazzine@the-fizz.com