Your wish is our demand with

January is traditionally the month of good intentions. Of course, we think only the best of our readers; you are all certainly exemplary detoxing, at the gym, eating healthy food and reading many books.

But sometimes you need a break from all of that and just want to watch the TV.

For this, is exactly the right thing. Here you can watch German TV via app or browser – it’s like Netflix for regular TV channels like Das Erste, ZDF, RTL, Sat1, ProSieben, ARTE and many more. You don't need a TV cable anymore, everything works via smartphone, tablet or laptop. It's already free of charge – or you can test all functions such as HD resolution, pause button, restart, recording memory, personal program tips and streaming with up to 4 devices simultaneously for a month. The whole package then starts from 4,99 €.

Watch more than 100 TV channels live or on demand

We think that's a great thing – and by the way: The new seasons of Bachelor, Germany's Next Topmodel AND the Bundesliga all start in January! If these are not good intentions 😉

Here you can find the offer from