Busy like a beehive

It’s been quite some time since Mehar and I last posted an update straight from the soon to be THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station. The good thing about it: The progress is amazing! Before I give you a heads up and tell you what has been done so far, here’s a picture of the house right now:

The scaffold is (almost) gone. The beautiful house façade arrived. It looks like move in day is just one second away…


As you can see, the house façade has been finished. But what happened inside the building? From apartments over room dividers to common areas, all walls are up!

You might not see it now but soon your gaming area will await you behind this dividing wall.
Someone's already looking forward to studying in this bright room. Can you find him/her smiling at you?
I found my favorite apartment on the attic floor: It has its own roof terrace! Congratulations to the lucky one snatching this one...
Ready to pee? Haha, we almost are.

As you can see in the last picture, many many rooms are ready to be furnished. Don't worry about the pictures above, though. These rooms are all located on the ground or attic floor. These two levels are the ones who will be finished the last in order to ensure that your apartments will be the first thing ready. As I told you before, floor number 1 and 2  are ready to be furnished! Floors, walls, tiles, ... everything is already there. But that's for the next update :-)

In progress...

You can imagine the construction site like a beehive: Many, many busy construction workers are bustling around and fulfilling their duties. It really is amazing how fast you can see the progress in any matter! What are the main things happening right now?

  • Power supply is established by using countless electric cables.
  • Two floors are ready for being furnished.
  • Tiles are being laid.
  • Last couple of doors are about to be fitted.
  • Furniture will arrive soon!
  • Two giant banners will soon adorn the house façade and the escape staircase.
  • Previous to that: The escape staircase will be finished in 2 weeks.

What's happening around us?

Some days ago, Mehar already introduced you to your neighboorhood (Check his blogpost!). This visit, I also took a stroll around to take some photos for you. Altough there are many buildings and projects in the making at "Sonnwendviertel", you can already see the beautiful "Helmut-Zilk-Park" surrounding THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station. Our building fits perfectly into this scenery! (The grass could be a little bit greener, though :P)

THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station is to the left. Wait for the next picture...
Here we go! On the right, that's the escape staircase being built right now.
This part of the building is scaffolded because of... correct, the escape staircase!
This picture might look a bit messy but it's showing you future neighbors and you can see all the way to Vienna Main Station. It's only a cat jump! The street in front of our main entrance (left- can't see it in this picture) will also be paved as you can see in front of our neighbor's building.

You see, there's a lot going on at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station. Once the first pieces of furniture arrive, we will be back with another update,

Enjoy your summer!