I am back at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station!

The building has come a long way since you last heard from me. This one is not a building update; instead, I have the honor to announce that we will be opening our doors to everyone to come and visit the site and have a look at our show room. The show room is an effort to give all the future FIZZies a chance to visit in person and experience the essences of what we have to offer at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station. Words and pictures just paint an image in our imagination, this is an opportunity to live the experience in person.

This time around, the aim of our visit was to set up the viewing apartment and shoot pictures with my colleague Anja and our camera wizard Maurice. This was our first time seeing the show and viewing room fully furnished and installed with all the amenities that will be a part of your future room at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station.

The room, as it will be for you.

That’s not the only picture we took, that’s where we had our work cut out for us. We had to lug all the furnishing and decorations from Anja’s car, which she must have enjoyed ordering online but never thought how heavy everything was going to be. It took us over an hour to make the room picture perfect and settle our debates regarding placing the decorations. We had to make sure that it was perfect, as it was crucial for us to do justice to the room and make sure that we could communicate the coziness and warmth the apartment already has to offer. Once it was done, it was the moment for me to doll up, be in front of the camera, and get to work.

So pretty; the room, not me!

You have to agree that this apartment is student goals. The room has its own character yet the mood of the room is neutral that you have the opportunity to personalize it to your liking; you can be the King of the jungle or Duchess of the manor.

THE Apartment

The building has 198 rooms, ranging between 22 m² to 39 m², with options for single occupancy or double occupancy and additional option of having a terrace or balcony. All apartments of the building are planned with big windows (equipped with electronic shades) to insure plenty of sunlight in the room and to keep your room airy during the dreary Viennese summer.

The bed is big and comfortable, to make sure that you do not fall of when you roll over at night. The desk is big enough that you can make it a workstation along with a computer monitor, yet you will have enough space that you can use it for day to day studying. The desk is accompanied by a comfortable chair to help you sit through the preparation during the exam weeks and a drawer unit on castors to help you store and organize your stationary and belongings. For the ladies, the room has a big two door wardrobe with one half for hanging clothes and the other half is shelved. The room comes with coat hangings, a supply cupboard, a shoe rack and extra amenities such as a tall mirror and a whiteboard.

That's the "cuddle station"

In the mood for food?

The masterstroke of the room is the kitchenette, I have not stopped talking about it since I first saw it. It comes equipped with a microwave, 2-burner cook-top, and a generously sized mini fridge. The kitchen has sufficient place for you to prepare for cooking, there is enough storage for you to store your utensils and groceries and the bar acts as a comfortable dining space to enjoy your meals.

Hungry!! Anyone?

Wellness for the ladies?

The apartment is spacious and has an equally spacious bathroom with a huge shower cabin, sink with a cabinet and a heated towel rack. To insure that the bathrooms are well ventilated, every room is equipped with a high power ventilation exhaust to insure that your bathroom is instantly fresh after use.

One word, "Luxury"

What else?

Other things to look for is the community coming up around the house with multiple housing projects, hotels and much more that will be of great value for anyone moving in. Not to forget a public garden right next to THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station, where the FIZZies will be able to enjoy relaxing walks in the sun or catch up on a quick run to help you keep your mood up on lousy days or help you survive the never-ending semesters.

Come see it yourself...

The appointments for viewings will open in May, exact date will be announced and displayed on all our channels. You will be able to book an appointment via phone or visiting THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station website and make an appointment suitable to your schedule. Upon your visit, You will be received by one of the sales executives, who will show you around and answer all your queries.

We hope to see you soon!!