Time to get to know each other

On sunny August 1st, our Munich colleague Maurice came and visited us on a special occasion: We got together at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station for filming a house tour for you! Not only to give you an update straight from the construction site while showing you the house but also to get you acquainted with the surroundings and – last but not least – with your House Manager Marcel! He will be the one welcoming you at the reception on October 1st and taking care of all your issues.


What to expect

Together with our Sales Manager Diana (you might know her from phone calls or e-mails), Marcel welcomes you on the roof terrace of an especially beautiful apartment overlooking the Helmut-Zilk-Park. You will get a glimpse of what the Sonnwendviertel will look like soon.

Special guest: Maurice also brought the drone to give an even better overview. Let me tell you, some great shots came out as results! We can’t wait to show them to you. Prepare for a stunning view of our house stretching out as far as to Vienna Main Station allowing you to admire Vienna’s skyline.

After a short drone flight, the house tour starts in the lobby. Marcel shows you where you will find the future gaming area or movie room. Afterwards, the exciting part follows: Our show apartment! I am sure you already know it from pictures on our website. However, in this video, you will be able to make yourself an even better picture and see many things in more detail. Don’t forget that you can book a personal house viewing with Diana here!

The house viewing will then end in the beautiful green Helmut-Zilk-Park surrounding one side of the house. These scenes will allow you enjoying a marvellous view over the whole building.


When to expect

That's an important question! When will you be able to watch this nice little video I was so fondly writing about?


Diana and Marcel are looking forward to meeting you. Maybe with a cool cocktail? Who knows...