Chairs, Colours & Creativity at THE FIZZ

THE FIZZ is not just houses, community and events. It also includes a consistent interior design in all our student residences. Still, there is no design that will last forever. The same is for taste which will never be invariable. Think about clothing style from five years ago... You will definitely find some room for improvements!

That's what we are kind of experiencing when building a new THE FIZZ. We have another close look at your feedback and review the learnings from our interior designers as well as project managers. Based on this, we adapt the furnishing and interior design of the next house. That's exactly what we did at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station. Last week, we did a photo shooting of the common areas there to show the fabulous design update to all of you.

Entering the Student Residence...

Walking through the Urban Jungle will make you see red. It won't be due to a wave of enragement but because of your house manager's smile welcoming you at the reception in front of this FIZZred wall. Finally, there are more than just white walls in this THE FIZZ student residence. Tasteful wallpapers (not showing graffitis) have moved in. You can check them also out here.

Entrance and reception at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station Student Residence

...and Exploring The Lobby

When you are standing in front of the reception, turn around 180°. Your house manager will apologize you turning your back on him for checking out the spacious lobby. It stretches out opposite to the reception's desk. To the left, you will find the common kitchen with (attention!) a dishwasher. I guess that's what many of you have been dreaming of. Vienna Main Station might also be the house with the greatest variety of chairs. Can you count how many different kinds there are only in this picture? And these are not even close to all of them.

Lobby with kitchen at THE FIZZ Student Residence

Work Hard, Play Hard... Study Harder?

Although this house with its 195 apartments is smaller than the other one in Vienna (Brigittenau - 632 apartments), we are not done with showing off our lobby yet. The spaces above are more of a party location. Of course, it's up to you if you want to enjoy the interior design during the day and study there. However, we have two designated study rooms for such purposes. And trust me, they are not inferior to the lobby's beauty in any way! The first one is perfect for a group of people or everyone who doesn't need complete silence. The other one with the fabulous book wallpaper is supposed to be a silent oasis of concentration. Whatever study type you are, you will be pleased here.

Study Rooms at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station Student Residence

Game On!

After studying (no matter where), you can stay or return to the lobby and make yourself comfortable in the back of it. There's much more waiting for you! Not only the obligatory billiard table everyone is so fond of at Vienna Brigittenau is ready to play. We also have a nice little gaming corner with a comfy sofa and, of course, a PlayStation. Behind the kitchen, you will find the movie area with an even bigger flatscreen TV and (if you ask me) a wonderful wallpaper. I also guess that Vienna Main Station is the house with the most sofas... from Rolf Benz by the way.

Gaming Areas at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station Student Residence

Up And About

When standing on our roof terrace, we expect nothing more than being cheerful and happy from you. Not only you will see Vienna Main Station (pretty impressive will all the tracks), enjoy a nice view over the Sonnwendviertel, there is also an outdoor kitchen with Tepanyaki Grill. In Summer, you won't need to deal with making a fire in a conventional barbecue grill.

Unfortunately, we don't have a photo with the outdoor furniture yet. We want to show you our roof terrace in full swing and will therefore keep you waiting some more days.

When Reality Becomes Virtual

SPOILER ALERT: Next week, we will have a visitor from London. He will do 3D scans of the whole building. Why? Because we will offer a virtual 3D tour through THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station as we do for all our other student residences. Be prepared for an even better look into the house without actually being there.