Wow, what happened here?

Good question. Every time I visit our soon to be THE FIZZ, I am amazed by the progress made since my last patronage. The house is still busy like a beehive – but these bees have extensive knowledge in terms of electricity, furnishing, painting and much more! During my visit yesterday, I took some photos for you to summarize what is going on in your student residence.


Please, please, Mr. Postman!

This might seem rather banal than spectacular... but your mailboxes have already arrived. They will really come in handy when you want to receive the first letter, order or important documents with your new home address on them. Good to know when you want to be successful in receiving love letters - This is how you have to write your address:

Make sure to insert your own name instead of "Max Mustermann" and, more important, the correct apartment number. We won't have names on the mailboxes.


Laundry today or naked tomorrow...

We are all beautiful beings, I know, but please do NOT take this headline as an invitation to get naked. Rather do your laundry with one of our new and freshly arrived washing mashines. Talking about mail and deliveries reminded me of the huge truck full of washing mashines, microwaves and all kinds of electronic devices you will find either in your apartment or the common areas.

They also feature a grill function...

Btw: What you can also see in this picture is where you will be able to safely put your bicycles - the bike parking! The stands itself are about to be placed entirely as soon as deliveries are done but your bike has at least a roof over its head.


From stones and greens...

Did you see the cobblestones in the picture above? The paths surrounding the house, your terrace and the street in front of the house are freshly paved. Also, trees and other plants were planted. Fun fact: The house management was told not to eat from the trees. No, they don't have any fruits on them. Anyway, everyone who was lucky enough to snatch an apartment with terrace, will enjoy this view:

Soon the rolled turf will arrive. So, all green in front of your terrace door!


Roll out the red... uhm grey carpet!

Consider this task as done - No cold feet or stamping around in the hallway. The carpets have been laid and it's getting homey now. Important news for those with a light sleep: The rug is sound absorbing. So in case your neighbour likes to try his/her elephantastic walking skills, your sleep is safe!


Here's your apartment!

Of course, I have saved the best part for the last. I was curious and asked to see all the different apartment categories. They are furnished and ready for your move in. Only the stools (and some microwaves :-P) are about to be placed within the next days. So, here's what you might have been waiting for: A sneak peek into your apartment. These actually are the first photos that have been taken there :-)


The Double Studio

The two single beds can be "transformed" into one huge double bed (180 cm). You will have two desks, one additional table, a bigger kitchen and look at these windows! The room is so bright.

The Medium (Double) Studio

This one can be used for one person but is also perfect for a couple with its 160 cm bed. I really liked the layout of this room as it appears to be rather separated than one single room. These 25 sqm are perfectly used!


Can't wait to move in?

Trust me, I can't wait for you to arrive either! Maybe I will be able to meet some of you as house manager Marcel definitely needs some pairs of helping hands during the days of move ins. Looking forward to it! :-)


Haven't booked yet?

What are you waiting for? HERE'S where you book can book your perfectly new apartment. You can also come around for a viewing and might save the service fee... :-)