An imperial story of willpower

`Tis no wonder that in the old empire of Austria, there live the most proud and pugnacious members of the big THE FIZZ community. They are determined combatants and experienced SUMMER GAMES players – beware!

This is what fierce fighters look like (kinda)

From empire to dictatorship

Student Brand Manager Ramtin surely knew how to fire up the teams at the Player’s Night prior to the Playoffs: His fierce but explanatory pamphlet contained not only a detailed description of the four games but also additional information about schedule, location, scoring system and prize, peppered with military vocabulary like “psychological warfare”, “thick blood” or “world dominance”. Seems like there’s no room for old imperial customs or courtesies during the Summer Games war... err... Playoffs.

Ramtin explains the second game, "Drink'nRun", to the teams

The Viennese FIZZies take THE SUMMER GAMES, indeed, very serious:

“This is no competition for sissy homeschooled children, so no ‘everyone is a winner' and no ‘participating is the most important‘. This is a war in a micro-cosmos of alcohol addicted students.”
(General Ramtin)

In this spirit, six teams lined up for the honourable tournament:

• The FIZZy Frenchies

• Kaliskaya

• Dublin AA

• THE FIZZters

• Stripes & Solids

• Free Kostas

From games to glory

The games required a good mixture of skill, precision, speed, willpower and hard drinking. Last year’s defending champions, THE FIZZters, ran as favourites. However, throughout the competition, the Dublin AAs were their strongest opponents.

Strip Beer Pong took place under the critical eyes of the viewers.

The battle culminated in game no. 4, a treasure hunt around the block. By winning this game, a team could score DOUBLE the points and get themselves into lead. Merely ONE MINUTE separated The FIZZy Frenchies from turning the whole scoring list upside down!

was absolutely LIT.DJ Mario

When the sun began to lean towards the horizon, the winners of the Vienna Playoffs were settled:

Once again, THE FIZZters will enter the Finals with high hopes for the overall victory (and world dominance)!

There, they will encounter their archrivals: Team Dr. Sommer from THE FIZZ Frankfurt! Is it a coincidence that both Playoffs took place on the same day and these two teams will meet again in Darmstadt?

We doubt it…

Photos by Sebastian Judtmann