„Nächster Halt/Next stop:
Wien Hauptbahnhof!“

This typical (train) announcement does not only prepare passengers for the next stop at Vienna main station – It is “the next big thing” for us, too. Because Vienna is calling… again!

Everyone who read our welcoming blog post (If not, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up here!) knows about the story of THE MAGAZZINE. It all began with our journey to Vienna which we wanted to share in the “Vienna calling!” blog. However, why is Vienna calling again, one may ask?

No, we are not launching a second blog or limiting ourselves to publishing Austrian-only content again. It is so much more than that. Let’s just spread the news:

Meet THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station

After mastering our first opening in Vienna in October 2017, we simply fell in love with this beautiful lively city. Did you know that Vienna is the largest university city in the German-speaking world? Nearly 200.000 students, including internationals from all over the world, are living in Austria’s capital city - and we can't blame them. For the tenth year in a row, Vienna claimed the title "most livable city in the world" in the Quality of Living survey conducted by Mercer, wow!

Still, finding a place to call “your home away from home” is difficult but there is nothing is easier than that at THE FIZZ. So we decided to open our second student residence in Vienna!

THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station Building View
This is THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station - you can guess the location...

All the hard facts

• 195 apartments

• Single and double studios

• Private kitchen and bathroom

• Movie lounge and gaming area

• Study rooms and common kitchens

• Roof terrace with outdoor kitchen

• Right in the heart of Vienna

• Part of the new “Sonnwendviertel”

• Perfect connection to ANYWHERE


In pictures

THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station: Single Studio with private kitchen and bathroom. Your student apartment!
Say hello to your new apartment at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station. Relax on your spacious bed (1,20 m), go mad (just a little... without any damages, please) in your private kitchen or sing along to your favorite songs under the shower in your own bathroom. In case you want to study: We also got you a whiteboard!

THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station: Lobby with common kitchen
Come in. Come a little closer. That's the lobby of our new THE FIZZ. Cozy lounge fourniture, bar stools, tables inviting you to eat or have a chat. There's a lot waiting for you! So much, in fact, we almost forgot to mention the common kitchen behind the counter. Excusez-nous!

THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station: Study room with screen and flipchart
Once you have eaten, you are filled up with enough energy (at least in theory) to focus on your studies. Besides this wonderful room suitable for working in groups, we also provide you with another study room similar to a library. No talking, but working concentrated on your own!

THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station: Gaming area for students
Business before pleasure: After you finished your assignments, books and whatever you might have on your schedule, it's time for a little fun. Ready for a round of pool? Or maybe a game on the PlayStation? You could also watch a movie or enjoy the sunset on the roof terrace, though. You are spoilt for choice!

In a few more words

Although being smaller than THE FIZZ Vienna Brigittenau, our new house at Vienna Main Station definitely is the next big thing! We have updated our interior design, included your feedback into the... well.. into everything, actually. Consider this house as perfectly meeting your expectations and tailored to your needs!

Together with our services and the central location in the green Sonnwendviertel next to the main station of Vienna, THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station will be your home away from home. And should you ever yearn for far away places: With the main station at your door step, every place is in reach!

Find out more about the house on our website.

Stay up to date!

Want to know what’s going on at THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station? Interested in keeping track of the construction work’s progress? Then simply check THE MAGAZZINE for some updates regularly. We promise to keep you posted!

THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station: Building view