Looking for an adrenaline rush?

If you are looking for that extra kick of adrenaline, you have come to the right place! Austria has some hidden gems that will blow your mind. There are whitewater spots where you can do all kinds of activities, like rafting, canoeing, tubing and more, while enjoying Austria’s beautiful nature.


If adrenaline rush is what you are seeking, then the Ötztaler Ache is your place to be. It is THE rafting hotspot in Austria. While you are already there, go for a hike in the Ötztaler Alps and end the day with an adventurous rafting tour. You will not regret it!

Lakes, Lakes, Lakes

Even though Austria does not have access to the sea, it has more places to go for a swim than you can imagine. Picturesque lakes with drinking water quality or ice cold water on the top of a mountain to cool off after a hike - you choose. What else could you dream of? Here are just a few recommendations.

●     Wörthersee:

If you are looking for a place to spend your summer in Austria, you’ll find everything you need in Carinthia. The Wörthersee is one of the most popular lakes in Austria and is known for its turquoise waters. Located in the south of Austria and close to Italy you will get the mediterranean vibes you are looking for.


●     Salzkammergut:

The Salzkammergut is Austria’s lake region with very high mountains and astonishing scenery. With its 76 lakes, Salzkammergut has been designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not bad, is it? The most famous lakes are: Attersee, Wolfgangsee, Mondsee, Fuschlsee and the Hallstätter See. You might have heard of this place called “Hallstatt”.This village looks exactly like the small picturesque places you would see in the movies. So, are you ready for your real-life Sound of Music experience?


And where there is water, there are loads of different activities you can do. Water skiing, windsurfing, wakeboarding or stand up paddling are just the beginning of a long list.

Wellness and Spa

What comes to your mind if you think about vacation? If it’s Wellness and Spa then you will be very happy with the options Austria has to offer. It is world famous for its natural hotsprings, the fresh alpine air, luxurious beauty treatments and the sweeping mountain views. A wellness trip to Austria is perfect anytime of the year. You can either combine it with hiking and mountain biking or with skiing and some Aprés-Ski.


If you can’t afford a luxurious vacation in one of these places you can always work in hospitality or ​tourism​. Especially during high season, people are looking for employers and who knows, maybe you are lucky to end up using their facilities for free!

A Foodie's Dream

If you are touring through the country, definitely check out Styria, Lower Austria or Burgendland for their beautiful vineyards. Take part in a wine tasting tour and learn more about the art of winemaking. My personal favourite: Take the Flixbus or train from Vienna to Graz and spend the weekend in this beautiful and vibrant city. A speciality in this area are the so called “Buschenschanken”. It’s basically a temporary bar in which new local wines are sold. Traditionally you order them with small dishes and everything is super tasty and cheap. Therefore it is a win-win situation for you. Tasty, cheap, beautiful surroundings and for sure a nice experience!


At the end of the day it is super hard to write about all the amazing things you can do while spending your summer in Austria. The best thing is to get a ÖBB summer ticket or to rent a car and travel through the whole country. It is small and with lots to discover. Even though Austria has some tourist hotspots like Salzburg or Vienna, it is still not over crowded by tourists. That means you can have beautiful spots for yourself.

Are you hyped to plan your summer hollidays in Austria now but you need some money? Apply for a ​summer job and save money for your trip! I assure you: It will be beautiful, it will be adventurous, it will be worth it!