Welcome to the neighbourhood, Your Majesty!

In case you haven't already noticed: We got a new neighbour... A ROYAL NEIGHBOUR! Say hello to Your Majesty niu Franz at Dresdner Straße 111.

Franz? niu? Royal? What?!

At this point, we might have to explain our excitement to you. niu hotels create and build fabulous (surprise) hotels where exceptional and modern design meets affordable prices. Regardless of your age, your passions or fashion style, pepare for being overwhelmed when entering niu Franz. We simply couldn't decide where to look first! We have a few impressions for you (:


The entrance of niu Franz next to THE FIZZ Vienna

Breakfast and dining area of niu Franz next to THE FIZZ Vienna


‍Typical for Vienna, the floors in the rooms look like old "Fischgrätparkett" (herringbone parquet) but guess what... This is no wooden floor, actually it's a pretty cool carpet!

We are not done with Viennese specialities yet: Hello, Kaiserin Sissi! How's the view over there?

Franz and Sissi - an imperial love story!

Okay, some names have been dropped by now. Franz and Sissi... Not only the most famous emperor and empress of Vienna but also the reason for the hotel's name. Niu puts high effort in creating a story of its own for every one of their hotels - depending on the location, of course! That's the reason why even the bathroom and toilet at niu Franz are worth visiting - just like our beautiful Vienna. Besides that, you will find many more details in design or when it comes to breakfast that will create the perfect Viennese experience for you.

The wall picture shows charateristics and specialities of Vienna (:

From neighbours to friends: Special rates for all FIZZies!

We guess it's not a secret that we really like our new neighbour... Aside from the obviously great looks and features of niu Franz, there is one more reason for this affection.

FIZZies and their family/friends enjoy special rates at niu Franz:


We know that some of you arrive in Vienna a couple of days prior to the beginning of your tenancy at THE FIZZ. With our royal friend niu Franz, we have found the perfect temporary bed for you! Also, your friends and family helping you with moving or settling in will find a room at niu Franz - the perfect residence for making their visit unforgettable.

Want to reside like a royal?

You are a FIZZie?

You need a temporary place to sleep?

You think niu Franz looks amazing?

Perfect! In case you can answer all these questions with a loud and clear YES, you can book your residence at niu Franz RIGHT HERE!

*© Photos by niu / Jürgen Nobel