Soon it will be exactly eight years ago that the first student house under the brand THE FIZZ opened in Bremen. Shortly afterwards, houses in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hanover and Darmstadt followed. It didn’t take long to establish THE FIZZ as a young, dynamic brand for high-quality student housing, according to the motto: Living cum Laude.

2011 - 2017

The next years were characterized by continuous growth and international expansion – first to the Netherlands and Austria and now, just recently, to the Czech Republic. The development was of course not without some growing pains. That’s perfectly normal for a young company!



Almost a decade later, we’ve seen hundreds of young people from all over the world moving into our apartments. We sat in the front row to witness the changes: your fashion (from Wedge Sneakers to Crossbody Bags), your communication platforms (from Facebook to TikTok),your hashtags (from #endoftheworldconfessions to #quarantineandchill), your values, your social and environmental ideals, your fears and concerns. As our customers have changed, so did we.

2017 - 2020

The latest events in 2020 in particular led  to a focus on the essentials. We turned our gaze to our inner self. We questioned ourselves: Who are we really? What makes us what we are? Who or what do we want to be?



As we have developed as a company, it was time to make these transformations visible. Over the past months we have been working on redefining the design, language and message of our brand at a variety of touchpoints. Some changes might be loud and obvious,others rather quiet and marginal, yet powerful. We are just catching up to where we are headed as a brand.

Let’s start fresh. Let’s drive visual, technical and structural improvements.

THE FIZZ stands for next-gen student living. And there’s more to come.