Not too late for summer in Vienna...

Summer is on its way out but we know that many of you are just arriving in our residence and starting your academic year soon. Besides, there are many of you working gals and lads who are arriving in Vienna and would love to blow off some steam in a Viennese way. Here are my favorite spots for getting through the hot summer days.

Drinks by the Danube Canal

This is a brilliant time to discover some bars along the Danube Canal. The canal is one of the most happening spots in the city throughout the summer until September - with many (beach) bars! You can also pick up your own drinks, sit by the bank and just enjoy the cool breeze by the water and the view to the animated skyline of the city.

Christian Stemper via Arch Daily

Dip and Chill

Vienna is not only blessed with the presence of the Danube canal but also with river Danube itself. providing us with the opportunity to go swimming or just chill by the river. The Danube’s riverbank is full of many sunbathing areas; floating sun decks and a continuous trail of lush green grass, where you can relax, catch the sun and cool down by dipping in the water. There are many very beautiful and peaceful spots located on the New and Old Danube. Vienna Würstel Stand, an English blog, is explaining and illustrating the different spots, you can consider. Have a look here!

Photo by Vienna Würstel Stand

Pools and Baths

If you are like me and do not trust fresh waters and love a more controlled environment when cooling down, there are many community-swimming areas near and far from you. These are swimming areas maintained by the city of Vienna and our nothing less than perfection.

You can find this list directly at the website of The City of Vienna.

Walking Trails

You may not expect this from a metropolitan city, but the city of Vienna has a number of recognized walking trails. The city offers urban and natural hiking trails, and I strongly suggest you to ditch training in the gym for once and go out and discover these trails. The 11 recognized trails are as follows:

City hiking path 1 - Kahlenberg

City hiking path 1a - Leopoldsberg

City hiking path 2 - Hermannskogel

City hiking path 3 - Hameau

City hiking path 4 - Jubiläumswarte

City hiking path 4a - Ottakring

City hiking path 5 - Bisamberg

City hiking path 6 - Zugberg-Maurer Wald

City hiking path 7 - Laaer Berg

City hiking path 8 - Sofienalpe

City hiking path 9 - Prater

Some where in Kahlenberg via Virtual Vienna.

I hope you try some of these suggestions and enjoy them just as much as I did. Also I would like to give credit to 1000 Things to do in Vienna, The Vienna Würstel Stand and City of Vienna for providing some inspiration for these tips.

Header Image by Peter Rigaud via