Talking about summer...

Okay, it’s March. Probably, your semester is only about to get crazy right now. But can’t you feel it? This little prickle inside your belly when someone talks about summer? You definitely should have felt it during these sunny days lately. Sun on your skin, a cool beer, festivals, THE SUMMER GAMES,… So many amazing things are yet to come!

What’s going on?

Maybe your summer plan looks like this: At first, there will be loads of work for the exams at the end of the semester. After that, you've definitely earned your summer holidays. Have you already planned your vacation (including festival visit) as a reward? For all those whose wallets are too small for a beach holiday, we might have an alternative... but let’s not jump to it yet.

If you work hard, you can treat yourself to something in between. Our tip: Reward yourself before the official semester break with the party of the year and take part in THE SUMMER GAMES of THE FIZZ!

What is it all about?

THE SUMMER GAMES are a series of events between May and June. The older Fizzies know: It's a tradition you should not miss! And it's more than just a student party (although they're pretty cool at THE FIZZ already): THE SUMMER GAMES are a tournament including several games and rounds. What kind of games are there, you wonder? That's up to your SBM! The teams compete against each other. And there can only be one winner!

People from all over the world come together, play, celebrate and exchange ideas. In short: you will experience an unforgettable time! THE FIZZ stands for internationality, diversity and open-mindedness. That's why this year’s motto is: FIZZ around the world.

The Playoffs

The journey begins with the Playoffs in each house. You don't even have to leave home: The party takes place in your backyard, garden, underground car park, on the parking deck or on the roof terrace.

Preparations are already underway several weeks before the party. Your SBM and the House Manager are working hard to make the day legendary.

You can – alone or as a team of four – register to take part in the games. Real professionals are already thinking about a cool team name and a cool look – here's how it's done :)

THE FIZZ Summer Games 2018: Team Hanover
You don't see them coming: The Shadow Squad from Hannover!

Whether as a participant or as a guest – ALL FIZZies are invited to celebrate and have fun! During the day the focus is on the teams and the games. In the evening, we celebrate. The best: It is all free!

Now it’s time to pack your bags!

The winners of the playoffs qualify for the finals. These will take place in one THE FIZZ house – you will find out when and where soon.

During the finals, you will compete against the winning teams from the other THE FIZZ locations. For the first time this year not only Berlin, Bremen, Hanover, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Freiburg and Vienna will participate, but also our neighbours from THE FIZZ Amsterdam!

Travel and accommodation are, of course, free of charge for the participants. But everyone else will also get their money's worth: food, drinks, DJ and an exciting program is included for everyone. You are cordially invited to accompany your team to the final and cheer them on.

Speaking of winners… what’s the prize?

Defend the honour of your house and do your best, it's worth it: THE FIZZ pays for your holidays and sends the winning team on a weekend trip! So we didn't promise you too much above...

Where to, you ask? - We won't tell you yet! Just this much: Swimsuits have to be in the luggage ;)

When does it start?

Soon the SBM will set the dates for the Playoffs in your house together with you. Then, the registration phase for the teams starts.

You feel like it? For some warm feelings, here are some photos from THE SUMMER GAMES of the last few years:

THE FIZZ Summer Games Finals 2018
A bumpy ride... or a fitness parcours by Fitness First.
THE FIZZ Summer Games Finals 2018
It's gettin' hot in here... of course, we prepared some refreshment(s).
THE FIZZ Summer Games Finals 2018
Speaking of refreshments... they were also part of the games.
THE FIZZ Summer Games Finals 2018
The glory and joy of the winning team in 2018. Actually, of one of the winning teamS: Vienna and Frankfurt made it!

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