Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard of our flight to…


Nearly two months ago, our journey to The Summer Games Finals 2019 started. The Game Plane took off and we started our climb. As soon as we’ve reached our altitude of 100 % motivation, the onboard entertainment service started and we regularly shared news from The Summer Games 2019 Playoffs. We had some stopovers in every THE FIZZ location to report about the respective Playoffs there. These short-haul flights went without any turbulences but with lots of fun. (Go to our reading list to catch up!)

On Saturday (June 29, 2019), we reached our final destination… uhm… okay, that sounds a bit dramatic. Anyway, we reached our final LOCATION – the spectacular, the amazing, the Finals at THE FIZZ Darmstadt! Let’s see what you’ve missed…

The Players Night

This year, a new event format celebrated its premiere the night before the Finals. The Players Night also took place at THE FIZZ Darmstadt but already on Friday. Why? Because in a battle you need to know who you are dealing with, of course! The intention really was to introduce the teams to each other. One nice side effect of gathering all players in one room was, however, to explain the rules of play to them beforehand.

Hard work wants reward: After our little get together and rules rules rules, we celebrated the Finals’ kick-off with pizza and beer.

D-Day: The Finals are here!

June 29, 2019. 1 PM. About 30 °C. Beaming sunshine. Brave warriors (with partially funny team names). Around 2 PM, co-captains Ahmad and Viki welcomed there guests and introduced the 8 teams fighting for endless glory… and a trip to Lisbon. Representing THE FIZZ…

…Amsterdam: L‘Italiani

…Berlin: The Revengers

…Bremen: Gloria and the Night Kings

…Darmstadt: The OGs

…Frankfurt: Dr. Sommer Team

…Freiburg: Namenlos Grandios

…Hanover: FIZZémon

…Vienna: THE FIZZters

The team with the most fierce and formidable entrance obviously was Team Dr. Sommer from Frankfurt.
Gotta catch 'em all! Team FIZZémon from Hanover definitely wanted to be "the very best" in terms of costume.
Credits for the most charming and swingful entrance go to Gloria and the Night Kings from THE FIZZ Bremen.

Which battles were to fight?

Booking and planning a vacation can, indeed, be a challenge or even a battle … We tested our 8 teams in four disciplines:

#1: Broken Telephone

Rumor has it that some people still call travel agencies for help with planning their trip. Unfortunately, your telephone is broken and you have to overcome different obstacles to get the message to your travel agent. The first team member had to speak with his/her mouth full of marshmallows (YUMMM!) while the two following had to do pantomime. The fourth and last team member was to guess the word and write it down for the travel agent.

What is she trying to tell? "Gotta be strong, Pikachu!"?

#2 Surfing Lesson

Alrighty, your trip to Portugal is booked. Sunny but windy Algarve coast awaits you with marvelous beaches and surfing opportunities. Of course, you want to cut a fine figure on the surfboard and test your skills on a simulator. The goal is to survive as long as possible.

After one minute, there was a level up in difficulty. House technician Jens from Berlin had a great time throwing water bombs at the surfers. Go, Jenny!

#3 The Last Supper

Vacay time is getting closer. As responsible and environmentally conscious student, you don’t want to waste any food. Solution: Everything in the fridge needs to be processed into tasty dishes. Rest assured that our chefs (that would be Leonie and me :P) prepared some delicious meals! The teams were to guess 3 dishes consisting of 3 components each and, afterwards, one drink. Leonie and I still are convinced that Nutella and olives accompanied by a piece of sausage taste AMAZING!

In this picture, you can see team Darmstadt and Hanover enyjoing "Sweet sheep's corn" - Sheep cheese topped with Nutella (chocolate hazelnut cream) and corn.

#4 The Road to the Airport

Great job, you’ve overslept – again! The plane leaves in 2 hours and you haven’t even started with packing your suitcase. That’s gonna be a bumpy ride, dude!

Our partner Fitness First set up the final game: A fitness parkour with four stations and 2 obstacles per station. Due to the scoring system, the teams were able to completely outdo the rudder and overtake the lead during this game. Excitement level? 1.000!

There is no Summer Games Finale without full body dedication! Go, Tobi!

Hungry like a wolf!

Unlike most of today’s airlines, co-pilots Ahmad and Viki served their guests with delicious food – for free. During the games, there was tasty ice cream from Da Carlo (still dreaming of it…) and Cold Brew Coffee by Philosoffee (optionally with a good shot of Whiskey, Gin, ...) accomanpied by cool drinks anyway. The more copious food was served between game #3 and #4: Over 300 burgers (!) and tasty Portuguese finger food. There’s no better way to prepare the teams for the last game!

Yummmmmmm! There were also no meat burgers. Just saying.

However, and to be honest, my favorite part of the food was the dessert: Pastéis de Nata! These absolutely mind (or rather taste) blowing custard tarts are a Portuguese specialty and nothing more than mouthwatering. Yes, I have a sweet tooth (rather a mouth full of them) but trust me… You won't be disappointed!

And who turned out as the glorious winner?

Unlike the wait until the prize ceremony during our event, I’m not gonna keep you guys on the rack any longer. The winning team is one especially connected to the Finals’ location: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE OGs FROM THE FIZZ DARMSTADT!

The first prize was a trip to Lisbon for the whole team… U jelly?

And then... then it was time to celebrate! Betti even organised a live act: Singer-songwriter Robert Horace delighted us with his own songs in a skillful blend of pop, soul and folk. Afterwards, the DJ heated up the crowd and there was only one thing to do: JUST DANCE!

Cheers to Robert!


No, it’s not time for “Erntedankfest” yet but time to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to house manager Gerhard and his team at THE FIZZ Darmstadt for not only opening their house to FIZZies from all over the world but, most importantly, for giving active support to the orga team.

Also many thanks to our sponsors for helping out with product samples and much more. You will find a complete list of them at the bottom of our website.

The house management team received a little gift representing various treats of the event.

Outtakes // Behind the scenes

A full day event requires a bit of preparation and quite a few pairs of helping hands. What sounds like a lot of work can actually be loads of fun – provided you have great co-workers. In honor of our teamwork, here are some snapshots:

Starting the day right with some mindblowing tasks!
Betti, Head of The Summer Games, proudly presenting the teams' passports while her team is full of mischief and fooling around.
Come on, Vici, a cookie can't be that disgusting!