Time for RRRIOT! And comedy...

No need to worry, guys. There was no actual riot or any other kind of rebellion at THE FIZZ Vienna Brigittenau. Still, there was some action at le FIZZtro last Sunday (3 March 2019). Our house was part of RRRIOT festival – read (and see!) everything below :-)

What is RRRIOT?

The RRRIOT is a collaborative, feminist programme festival taking place the second time throughout Vienna (1 to 8 March). Together with 50 program partners, 70 different cultural events - from readings to city walks, from talks and screenings to workshops and parties – were organized under the motto community, focussing on Brigittenau (20th district of Vienna), the visibility of women in the cultural sector, empowerment, justice and social issues are the focus.

What happened @THE FIZZ?

Community focus rings a bell, huh? FIZZ family, nice events, spacious communal areas… These are our special fields making our houses an actual home! Of course, we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be part of a festival that aims to give people access to different kinds of communities. Nothing simpler than that: We agreed to host a comedy event and opened our house for Vienna!


Yes, we do think it was “geil” (That's German for absolutely awesome – at least in this context! It might also mean horny but we have no information on that concerning our guests...) to host an event for RRRIOT. However, “Geil” was also the standup comedy act’s name which took place at THE FIZZ. The Viennese Erika Ratcliffe visited to amuse (and sometimes even shock) us and all the other guests with her edgy punch lines.

See for yourself…

Erika Ratcliffe im THE FIZZ Wien beim RRRIOT Festival
May we introduce? The star of the evening: Erika Ratcliffe!
Erika Ratcliffe im THE FIZZ Wien beim RRRIOT Festival - Volles Haus!
Your momma said you mustn't sit on the table? Well, sometimes you need to break the rules :-P The early birds were able to grab a seat. The latecomers had to stand.

Nevertheless, it seems they got along pretty well!
Erika Ratcliffe im THE FIZZ Wien beim RRRIOT Festival
Happy faces everywhere!*
Erika Ratcliffe im THE FIZZ Wien beim RRRIOT Festival
One last impression of a crazy night: Erika and her happy puppets. What a dream team!

Nothing left to say?

Yup, we think these pictures leave nothing else to say except for some social customs:

  • @all guests: Thanks for coming to THE FIZZ that night!
  • @RRRIOT: Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be part of RRRIOT festival 2019!
  • @PGP: Thanks for the pictures!

*Note: Okay, we have to admit... We had an open bar. With wine and beer. This might have had a positive effect on people's minds, too :-P