THE FIZZ Prague: Everything on track!

The past few weeks have been challenging – but when it comes to delivering good news and updates about progressing construction works, you can always count on us. Day by day, our first THE FIZZ student dorm in the beautiful Czech capital city is transforming more into a ready-to-move-in home for students. We are already thrilled to welcome you in Autumn 2020!

Good looks: A building you will remember

About your promised update... The building’s shell has been completed a few months ago. Now, the façade is getting ready as well but see for yourself below. Can you imagine how bright and light flooded the entrance will be thanks to these enormous windows?

This will be the main entrance (corner Ná Zátorach/Partyzánská). The last two floors are about to be "dressed" in beige just like the two top floors on the right. Scroll a tiny bit to take a closer look at the façade!

Shine bright like a diamond: The first floor's outter walls are more windows than walls. Hello, sunlight! Behind these windows, you will soon find your common rooms and various retail spaces.

Here you go with the promised close-up! Is it wood? Is it just some colouring? Guess, you'll soon have to pay us a visit to find out ;)

What happens next at THE FIZZ Prague?

This update supplies you with photos from outside the building. Inside the youngest THE FIZZ student accommodation, a team of construction laborers are working their magic with interior. Our colleagues Sylvia and Roland took a close look at everything to ensure it's perfectly built and installed. Maybe you will get a sneak peek after their next visit?

Talking about their upcoming visit: Sylvia and Roland will travel to Prague from Vienna regularly now to oversee the next steps. Shoutout to them for their great work! They have been (successfully) doing their best to make sure that your THE FIZZ student dorm will open in time. Until then, their efforts come with another little perk for you: more photos straight from the construction site! Make sure to check out THE MAGAZZINE or sign up to our waiting list to receive a news update!

House viewings: Pay us a visit... soon!

We want you to be able to view your future home beforehand. Thus, viewings belong to your standard repertoire at every THE FIZZ location - so they will do in Prague soon!

Many of you have already been excited and asking about the start of house tours. Rest assured that we will offer various viewing time slots as soon as we can guarantee your safety. After all, it is a construction site and we want you to become a FIZZie all in one! ;)

As soon as house viewings become available, you will be able to book them on our website!