Opening September 15, 2020

Even though the last few months slowed down the world, on the construction site of your new student dorm in Prague, everything was on track. With every visit, you can see new changes. Step by step, the building is changing from a small caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. We are excited to welcome you guys there starting from September 15th 2020.

Moving step by step closer to the final result...

What´s going on the construction site?

We were walking the halls of the new FIZZ and I must tell you the building is huge, so you better be careful not to get lost. Pro-tip: Taking the stairs to our sky lounge on the 7th floor will ensure that you will achieve your daily fitness goals. But the view is so worth it! And for everyone not as much into workouts: There are elevators in the building.

That pyramid is the Goja Music Hall, which you can see from the sky lounge.

The furniture for your new apartment is already waiting to be installed in the rooms. Currently the apartments are getting a final coat of paint to be perfect when you arrive.

Doesn't look like a construction site anymore but more like a regular move-in

Bookings open soon

We are opening our online bookings for Prague in a few days. First, you choose your way of living: alone, as a couple or in a shared studio. We offer three apartment categories – Single, Double and Shared studio. Secondly, you may choose your apartment within the category and book it. So, you can finally relax knowing that you have a great place to live in autumn.

THIS is what it will soon look like!

What are our next steps at THE FIZZ Prague?

We are very happy about our latest addition to the team: our House Manager for THE FIZZ Prague. Stay tuned, we will introduce her to you guys soon! We are also planning to start with the viewings, but more about that in our next blog post.

We are thrilled to see you guys in Prague – Holešovice!