6 days of decorating, shooting, packing and all the way around

A report about the apartment shooting session in Darmstadt and Frankfurt

Apartment searching can be really difficult, especially when being abroad. Surely, you want to know what your new home for the next couple of months or years is going to look like! But what if you don’t have the opportunity for a spontaneous house viewing?

Our solution:  3D tours and content tours!

At THE FIZZ, we are not afraid to go the extra mile. Without taking one physical step into the actual building, you can view our houses on our website. It’s up to you, if you want to do a 3D tour or just look at various apartment pictures in the booking system.  

In this blog post, I will give you a sneak-peak behind the scenes: We are showing you how the pictures for the website are made!

Me,casually reading the Move-Information while a guy with a camera is yelling at me: "Feet up!"

Imagine the worst part about a move: packing and unpacking cartons and carrying them around. All. Day.  

Now imagine doing this for one full week. Ouff! :-O

In March, our photographer Maurice, Ahmad from THE FIZZ Hanover and I went on what we call a “content tour” in Darmstadt and Frankfurt. Our mission: Decorate and shoot all the apartment types that we’ve got!

Each house has different apartment types: from XS for minimalists to XL/double large for friends or couples. Between those types there are even more differentiations. Some rooms have a terrace or a balcony. Others have special features like a column. And of course, there are handicapped-accessible apartments. We want to display all these types! But shooting those rooms “naked” would be boring, right? So, we did some shopping...

Maurice went a little crazy in IKEA’s online shop. Although what we carried around seemed like tons of decoration, it turned out to be barely enough to make a Double apartment look inhabited and cosy.  


In 6 days, we managed to decorate, shoot, and clear out again 11 apartments!  

This was only possible due to an incredibly well-coordinated team (we have the experience of three content tours by now), well-prepared house staff and – last but not least – very cooperative residents, who helped us big deal by freeing their apartments for us. Thank you very much, guys & gals!

And thanks to Gerhard, Salvatore, Katharina, Danny and Tommy for your help!

Watch the final results on our website: Darmstadt and Frankfurt.

Meet “The Content Squad”: Maurice (Head of Decoration & Photography, Master of Bad Music), Bettina (Head of Communication & Bad Jokes), Ahmad (Social Media Queen & Decoration Apprentice)