An exam here, another one there…

You wish! Reality is more like two exams on Monday, three on Wednseday, another two on Thursday and maybe – on top of it all – a last one (for this week!) on Saturday. Towards the end of each semester, days and evenings are stuffed with digging your nose into books and studying.

Procrastination becomes your best friend: rearranging your wardrobe, cleaning beneath your sofa, dusting the top of every shelf and oh, not to forget the dust beneath the carpet. 

No matter what it is, during exam time every corner of your flat holds an adventure which is more exciting than chapter 1 083 of a weighty tome about law or economics.


Ready, set, go: The massive rush on the universities‘ libraries is about to begin!

It’s early in the morning. Or rather, according to a students‘ perception of time, in the middle of the night. People are queuing in front of closed, heavy doors. Are there any free give aways? New iPhones or Donuts maybe? Is Gigi Hadid posing in her undies behind that door? Looking at the huge crowds, one could definitely think that there must be something absolutely amazing going on there…

Warteschlangen vor Wiens Bibliotheken

Unfortunately not. It’s just exam peak season. More information is not needed. Regardless if TU Vienna, WU Vienna or any university of applied sciences, the scenario remains the same: Countless students, eager to learn and to bend over books for hours and days, are seeking ultimate concentration (and most likely motivation as well) outside there distracting homes. Therefore, they make a pilgrimage to Vienna’s oasis of studying a. k. a. any university’s library.


We have compiled a list of locations, where you can embrace your joy in studying. From classics to secret spots, find everything below.



1. Your Hogwarts acceptance letter has arrived!

(main library of University of Vienna). In these halls, food is strictly forbidden. But the location is definitely helpful for staying focused in the dim light of the green lamps. If you are into a dramatic and decadent ambience, the Hauptbibliothek definitely is the right place for your study sessions – and it’s for free!

THE FIZZ empfiehlt Bibliotheken zum Lernen: Hauptbibliothek Uni Wien

A similarly imposing atmosphere can be found at Juridicum (Attention, foodies: Bringing your snacks is allowed – hello food heaven!) or the Austrian National Library at Heldenplatz. The latter literally is the Grande Dame among all libraries! No worries about getting sweaty during studying there. The drips on your forehead are in best company with the regular water steam protecting the books against external influences. No one will notice ;-)


2. Food within reach to avoid study break downs!

A more modern design, bright but at least as over crowded rooms are the alternative for those who do not want to pay Dubledore a visit. In the – more or less – affectionately named „Spaceship“, the library at WU (University of Economics), you can not only get your thinking caps on but also drown your sorrows in delicious snacks. 

The canteen of the business enthusiasts offers everything you could wish for. You only have to snatch a seat… and own a library card in case your not a student of WU! (You will need your certificate of registration for getting it.)


THE FIZZ empfiehlt Bibliotheken zum Lernen: WU Wien

Same scenario applies to the library of TU (technical university). In order to get a hold of a seat, you should definitely get there BEFORE the rush into the library officially starts. You overslept? Don’t worry, the „Naschmarkt“ and several bars and restaurant are just a stones throw. Killing time or your frustration shouldn’t be a problem! ;-)



3. Small but nice?

The two categories above rather appeal to fighters who love nothing more than a good battle over a seat in the morning. A smaller and less crowded place can be found at MAK (art museum)

Highlight: This library or rather reading room is rewarded with extra points for offering a wonderful little garden in summer. Perfect for having a little break and clearing your mind!


THE FIZZ empfiehlt Bibliotheken zum Lernen: Lesesaal im MAK

Another alternative, but less comfy, is the

To be honest, there is no space for much more than ultimate concentration… or maybe frustration. But beware: Dropping a pen or a little rustling will be punished with hostile looks – just like at Juridicum. You don’t want to mess with someone who might be your doctor in ten years...



4. Ssshhhht… top secret!

Thinking of the fourth Viennese district, you will mostly find yourself imagining the fancy embassy buildings and the Chamber of Economics (WKO). However, Wieden awaits students with a real study oasis: the Cocoquadrat – Vienna’s first co working café . No matter if coffee, tea or even a hot chocolate, anyone will find some delicate delight here. Culinary treats combined with a little bit of startup spirit will definitely get you going.

The right attitude to work can also be found in the

THE FIZZ empfiehlt Bibliotheken zum Lernen: Cocoquadrat (Coworking)



5. BUSY FIZZies!

Studying in your apartment can be – as mentioned before – a bit tricky with all the distractions waiting in every corner. But what if your home was so much more than just your “four walls”?

As tenant of THE FIZZ Vienna (no matter which one), you will enjoy the privilege of not having to leave your house for studying outside your apartment. Put on your sweatpants, grab your laptop and books and here you go off to the study rooms in your student accommodation. Maybe you will meet your neighbors there and can motivate yourself with planning a pizza and beer event after getting your work done?


THE FIZZ empfiehlt Bibliotheken zum Lernen: Seminarräume im THE FIZZ Wien!


 Good luck for your exams!



Photos by: Unsplash,,, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Universität Wien -Thanks!