The last but not the least

I have always believed in the phrase, “better late than never”, cause I am generally the late one everywhere. Apologies for the delay as this event took place a week ago but, here it is: Another blogpost aboutTHE FIZZ Summer Games Playoffs and this time we are going to be covering THE FIZZ Hannover.

Nice clear day with 6 teams, 4 games and one goal: Get on the road to the FINALS in Darmstadt! Our very own Ahmad was the man in-charge who addressed the gathering and the fired up participants of THE FIZZ Hannover on this fine sunny day.

The 6 participating teams

  • International FIZZsoccer
  • MAD
  • FIZZémone
  • Sons of Sun
  • FIZZ des Geldes and  
  • Crazy Rich Asians (Literally).  

Like all other series of the Playoffs, the winner of Hannover was going to be determined by the means of 4 games. The event kicked off with a small ice breaker and giving each team an opportunity to present themselves. Honestly, these guys were prepared with their intros and this moment I knew that this was going to be one spicy evening.

The Redbull Rube Goldberg machine

We quickly rolled into the first game, The Redbull Chain Reaction. Each team was given 30 minutes to build a Rube Goldberg machine or a chain reaction apparatus that would result in the opening of a Redbull can. The Crazy Rich Asians were a bunch of engineers, so no surprise that they won.

Crazy rich Asian just gliding through this challenge. Picture Credits: Anika Zeibig


Strip Pong

Next challenge is one of my favorites as it involves beer, competitive aiming and stripping ;-) - STRIP BEER PONG. Nothing better than to drink some chilled brew and taking your clothes off on such a hot summer day and boy did I see shirts, pants, socks, and shoes been thrown all over the place.  

All those hours in gym working on your summer body will come in handy, it’s FLEX time honey!

Not so easy TIC TAC TOE

The third game was a classic from the archive, a simple game of Tic Tac Toe held in THE FIZZ Hannover courtyard, sponsored by Flaschenpost. However, it was not that simple! The teams were to cross an obstacle course to reach the Tic Tac Toe grid and place Flaschenpost bottle openers as their markers. The fastest and the least drunk team had an advantage in this task. Rumor has it that at this point, none of the teams was sober or fast any longer.

“it is not easy as it seems like but we can see here the smile did not leave their faces” Picture Credits: Anika Zeibig


The Water Mule

The fourth game was a real chiller, we could not name it, but I call it the Water Mule. Each team had to transport water from point A to point B; using any means possible and a bowl. Oh, did I mention that it was not allowed to walk? The water bearer had to glide over a water slide while being pushed by another teammate. I just do not know how the Student Brand Managers came up with these games.

A bowl and mouth full of water and just pushing around. Picture Credits: Anika Zeibig


And the Winner is...

With the eventful day ending, it was time to determine the winner based on the performance of all teams in the four games. With a very close margin, Team FIZZémon won this edition of the playoffs barely winning over the Crazy Rich Asians who stood in second place. 

The winners, FIZZémon! Picture Credits: Anika Zeibig


Shout out to all who made this event happened and a special mention to Ahmed Alzaim managed this complete event to perfection.  

Compiled by: Ahmed Alzaim

Edited by: Mehar Cheema