Long time no see!

It feels like years have passed since we reported about the roofing ceremony of our biggest construction project so far. But it was only last May! And my goodness, a lot has happened since then.

We present: Our pride and glory! ... Ahem...
Strain your imagination: A beautiful green courtyard is being created here!

The work is running at full speed.

In three months, the first section of THE FIZZ Hamburg will open its doors. Construction is being carried out, screws are being tightened and pipes are being laid everywhere. In some places you can only guess how beautiful it will be at some point.

Still, the surprise came one floor higher: A completely furnished corridor, with parquet flooring and spotlights. Music from the boombox hangs in the air. People are scurrying around, wearing yellow warning vests and construction helmets (an absolute must on the construction site!), carrying around lamps, photo cameras and decorative articles: An apartment shooting is taking place here right now!

Getting ready for a new generation of FIZZies.
Sneak peek from the photo shoot: What will the apartments look like? Stay tuned!

Soon, the results of the photo shoot can be admired on our website. The rest of the house will be finished in time, too. By the way, our bookings are already OPEN! You can be the first one to move into the brand new apartments! ;)

Follow the progress here on the blog and on our social media channels!

Photo credit: International Campus