Small… but mighty!

On Ascension Day (Christi Himmelfahrt, celebrated by Christians), THE SUMMER GAMES Playoffs took place in Freiburg. And, indeed, there was an ascension: the one from the sixth Playoff team to enter the cross-locational THE SUMMER GAMES Finale in June!

In Freiburg, you will find the smallest THE FIZZ with only 149 apartments. With this size, it fits perfectly into the idyllic, picturesque landscape of the border triangle between Germany, Swiss and France. But everyone who thinks of the local FIZZies as all cute, innocent people not to be taken as a serious opponent at the Finals couldn’t be more wrong!

Someone's ready to play!

Oh boy, these people can hold their drinks!

Actually, the Playoffs felt very much like a homely party with your roomies. The cosy feeling was owed to the cuddly locations with a smallish inner courtyard and a party-area, which officially consisted of the lobby and the washing room. Nevertheless, three teams  determinedly fought for entering the Finals, namely (or no-namely):

  • Namenlos Grandios (Namelessly great)
  • Kein Alkohol ist auch keine Lösung (No alcohol is no solution either)
  • Wie, wir brauchen einen Namen? (What, we need a name?)

Although the weather was perfect, no one flashed naked during playing Strip Beer Pong. Why wasting the good Rothaus Tannenzäpfle (that’s the beer…)?! After the first game, all teams were at dead level.

Beer pong level PRO: Playing while sipping a cocktail!

The second game promised a change. It was… alc funnel. The goal was to down a beer through a horn as fast as possible. One tenant brought her very own drinking horn (A professional, huh?) Due to what seemed like a lot of practise, she stood up for her team and wiped out the fluid in less than 6 seconds. Cheers, girl!  She later said with a smirk:

“Looking at my opponents, I’m sure the beer will knock their socks off in half an hour.”

After all, the winner of this round was a young man who took unbelievable 4,5 seconds to empty the funnel!

Everyone seems pretty fascinated by the beer funnel. Have you ever given it a try?

Good taste in beer... but music?

Before it was time for a late lunch, the teams had to guess popular songs by their preludes. While only one player recognized AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” after just a few beats, many hands shot up at “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi. Let’s not be too judgy here… After that, everybody pounced on the delicious beefy and veggie catering. Definitely no judgement!

The last game happened almost unseen. It was, however, a smart and challenging one: A quiz about Freiburg. As an exemplification, here’s a question for you:
In which year the country Baden-Württemberg was founded?

Looking for the answers of the last games up in the sky? Of course, it was 1952. Easy, right!?

In the early evening, the winning team was chosen: It’s the team… that didn’t know they had to name themselves (“Wie, wir brauchen einen Namen?”)! Let’s hope they’ll find a name until the introduction at the Finals!

Without a name, they couldn't even believe their victory. Still, these big smiles look like a bunch of fun - CONGRATULATIONS!