Written by Student Brand Manager Mo from THE FIZZ Frankfurt

A fierce fight went down at the Playoffs in Frankfurt for first place!

Anyone who knows the Fizzies in Frankfurt knows that our Summer Games are intense. We take our drinking very seriously and we tend to get a little competitive. So, when we awoke to sunshine and blue skies the stage was set for the most energetic Summer Games yet.

Seven teams where introduced one after the other to cheering onlookers. Starting with Los Locos followed by Tequila Shots, the Drunkwalkers, Super Smash Bro’s, Magic Mushrooms, Fira. Finally, the champions 2 years running and the team everyone was betting on to win made their appearance. Dr. Sommer put on a pyrotechnic display making a truly spectacular entrance.

And with that the games where on!

The first game on the agenda was a mechanical bull riding competition. Team Fira quickly pulled into the lead with the first victory, establishing themselves as the favorite challenger throughout the day.

After a short lunch break it was time for "Fizzie Ärgere Dich Nicht", a human version of the board game Sorry. We spiced it up by having every third field on the board tied to a drinking game. Los Locos won by a wide margin.

In the next event –  a hot dog eating competition – each team had 4 minutes to eat as many hot dogs as possible. Not a pretty sight. Team Super Smash Bros and team Fira tied for first place.  

The final game was strip beer pong and would prove to be decisive. Team Magic Mushrooms, who had just met each other two days prior, put on a strong performance winning round after round putting them up against Dr. Sommer. Years of practice destroying their livers in game after game of beer pong meant Dr. Sommer managed to pull ahead in this round.

Each round had been a very close call with many surprises along the way. None of the teams had bothered to keep track of their points. Confusion reigned. In the event of a tie the games would be decided at 10pm during the winner’s ceremony. The champion would be crowned by testing Blood Alcohol Content. The team with the higher BAC would win it all!

And so, the party began.

Around 450 Liters of Alcohol where provided, chiefly from our sponsors Licher and the craft beer makers Braufaktum. Circa 250 people showed up to celebrate the victors. But who had won? 10pm came and with it the moment everyone had been waiting for, the winners where announced. In third place… Magic Mushrooms! Silver medals for… team Fira! And the champions of the 2019 Fizz Frankfurt Summer Games? Dr. Sommer! It was a close call but they had pulled it off again!

On Sunday, over a few Konterbrause to cure the hangover, team Dr. Sommer was already thinking about their next moves at the finals. So fair warning to the other Fizz houses. Frankfurt is coming and we’re going to bring home gold!

Photos by Maurice Delacruso