Sun is shining, summer vibes are in the air and mood is
perfectly fine...

Imagine this scenario and yourself in a nice convertible driving
through Vienna. What about a short trip to Kahlenberg overlooking the whole
city? Maybe you want to explore Vienna’s outskirts or even the suburbs? Sounds
perfect but wait… The convertible is missing. This might seem like a problem but
actually it isn’t!



700 cars are waiting
for you!

 you don’t need to own one car –
you „own“ (or at least have access to) 700 BMW and MINI, spread out through the city and waiting for you on-demand 24/7.

Free registration "DriveNow car sharing" for tenants of THE FIZZ Vienna


How does it

Pretty easy and without a booking. Just jump in and drive off! At
the end of your journey, simply leave the car for free in virtually any public
on-street parking bay within the DriveNow Zone. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?


The key to this

For using DriveNow, you just need to sign up and get your customer card– at least as a
tenant of THE FIZZ Vienna! Usually, there is a one-off registration fee of 29
€. Luckily, as you are living at THE FIZZ, you exclusively can
There is no registration fee for you before getting your DriveNow customer


What are
you waiting for?

Check your e-mails for additional information on our partnership
with DriveNow. You will find a weblink leading you to the registration in our
message. Enjoy :-)

Photos (c) DriveNow