Last weekend, in many regions, summer was FINALLY here – at least in some parts of Germany. For our FIZZies in Darmstadt, this return of sunbeams was one more reason to celebrate with fun games, good music and free food & drinks.

Welcome on board!

You may have guessed right: This is a cruise to the Playoffs at THE FIZZ Darmstadt, the host of this year’s Finale. Captain Viki took us on a journey leading to a “Tropical Island”. On board were the four participating teams:

• The Gummibierbande (last year’s finalists)

• The OGs (“The Originals”)

• The Don’t Care, FIZZ It

• The ICBs (Ice Cold Beers)

Remember the Gummibierbande? This is them now. Feel old yet?

Captain Viki made sure to shorten travel time with creative games full of love for detail.

Cars on a boat – Why not? The first game to master was a Bobbycar race with some additional challenges.

However, it was not before the second game until it became really HOT: It was time for Strip Beerpong! To (preventively) cool down some fiery tempers, it started to rain for around half an hour during this game. The FIZZies were not impressed by it and quickly moved the tables inside. Who would want to miss a round of Strip Beerpong?!

The third game was played outside again. At Wrecking Ball, a tennis ball had to be pushed only with the help of another ball inside a pair of tights, tied around the waist. Easy – and genius!

For Wrecking Ball, you need sensitiveness, momentum - and deft hip action.

“Wrecking Ball” already sounds good for a laugh but the final game was absolutely hilarious. The teams had to act out different terms while wearing a “fatsuit”. At this occasion, the funniest pictures (and videos) accrued. Imagine pantomiming “Twerk” to your team members… Too bad, who missed it in our stories on Instagram!

These two beauties really cut a rug to the DJ's party picks!

Also worth to mention: the food offer! Eisboutique Da Carlo served their delicious homemade ice cream during the games. Right when everybody was the hungriest after three games, the main caterer offered two sorts of meat and a delicious (and unjustifiable underrated) broccoli quiche. On top, we enjoyed some fabulous drinks from our partners Red Bull and floraPOWER.

Before the party on “Tropical Island” really took off, the winning team was announced:

Meet the OGs. Only original with hip(ster) bag.

It’s THE OGs – consisting of the FIZZies who had been living at THE FIZZ Darmstadt for the longest! Really experienced Summer Gamers, you know…

Next time, we’ll see each other at THE FIZZ Darmstadt in our Finale. Of course, the crew will be joining too: House Manager Gerhard, House Technician Salva, SBM Viki, DJ Gabriel – and many others. See you then!