Just in time before the big Black Friday Sales start, I'm here to introduce you to the concept of minimalism. By packing up your seven things and moving into THE FIZZ you’ve already made your first steps towards a minimalistic lifestyle - Congratulations on that! I am sure that you were not able to move EVERTHING you own in your cozy apartment at THE FIZZ. But that was only half the rent, minimalism is about way more.

minimalism & what it actually means

Before spreading useful tips, let’s dive into the topic a little deeper. Generally minimalism is defined as a lifestyle, which is all about reducing the amount of your personal belongings and your daily consumption to a minimum in order to live a thoughtful and fulfilled life. Moreover, minimalism is a tool that helps you finding freedom from feelings such as fear, overwhelm or guilt. We live in a consumption oriented world, in which we give too much meaning to things we own. The advertising world uses tricks to make us think that purchasing things makes us happy or feeling more confident - minimalism helps us to see through these tricks. Before I end up getting too deep, let me introduce you to easy ways on how to integrate minimalism into your life:

challenge yourself

Beginning is always the biggest hurdle, so I found a little challenge that will make it easier for you: Get a box and start gathering things you don't use regularly. Do this for one month and be surprised! For the really brave ones among us: Take a heart and get rid of the unused stuff you gathered in your box. Flea markets and donating are great ways to do that or maybe one of your friends could use something. By doing this, you will not only learn to let go step by step, it will also help you decluttering your apartment without even noticing.

questions over questions

Starting to see your own buying habits from a critical perspective is an important step to start your journey towards a minimalistic lifestyle. We all know these frustrating study days, where you randomly browse through online shops and add a bunch of stuff to the shopping cart. Whenever it comes to this or to a similar situation, ask yourself why you are buying a specific item and whether it’s going to add value to your life. This will especially help you, when it comes to your wardrobe. We all know the feeling of having an overfilled closet but nothing to wear. By only buying your favorite pieces, you can easily solve that problem.

a little party never killed nobody

As I don’t want to be considered a complete moralizer, I’m inviting you to a little party! Just turn on your favorite tunes and start going through all the stuff in your wardrobe and shelves – it is more fun than it sounds, trust me. Just take everything out and create three piles: one for stuff you really want to keep, one for everything you are not sure about and one for things that can leave your life. Repeating this little party on a regular basis is not only going to help you improve the overall look of your apartment – you will also learn to let go.

What’s in it for you?

I hope, that I could already motivate you to follow a minimalistic lifestyle. In case it wasn’t enough, let me summarize all of the benefits for you:

Minimalismis a great opportunity to gain freedom in all aspects of your life and it gives you the oppotunity to spend more time on what really matters. Besides, a minimalistic mindset is a great way to optimize the overall look and the organization of your THE FIZZ apartment. Let’s also not forget about the positive impacts on our environment. With all these advantages, you probably wonder what the catch is – the answer: there is none! So what are you waiting for? Take some time and get started!

“When you realize nothing is lacking, the world belongs to you” – Lao Tzu