Hark, now hear the fat cells sing... Byebye holiday pounds!

Written by
Anja Bürger

Hark, now hear the fat cells sing... Byebye holiday pounds!

Written by
Anja Bürger

Hark, now hear the fat cells sing... Byebye holiday pounds!

Written by
Anja Bürger

Cold and wet, grey and dark……

Who even thinks of moving or going out during the cold and unpleasant days of Autumn and Winter? Especially with the couch, chocolate, snacks and Netflix being so damn tantalizing at home. And even if you manage to go out, it will most likely be to go and visit a Christmas Market for one or two (or three or four…) cups of Punch. Oh, and don’t forget all the nice sweets and other treats you are going to enjoy there. Gingerbreads, baked apples, …  hello, sugar overload!

Tasty? Hell yeah! But say goodbye to the beach body you have sworn to yourself for next Summer. With a cookie in one hand and some mulled wine in the other, the better you will be gone before you can say “Glühwein”. But also that smart little head of yours will turn on the chill mode. Not the best time with exams coming, eh? What now???
One secret to not only get your brain going but also your mood is– attention couchpotatoes –



Let’s go get ‘em! !

Drew Coffman

We know, we know. In Summer, it actually is fun to go for a run along Danube Canal or meet friends for a beach volleyball battle. Literally, you can actively enjoy the sun. However, unless you are a over motivated, 100 % consistent super runner, most sporting activities are not an option any more during the cold days of Winter. Still, Vienna awaits you with a great variety of activities you should definitely give a chance. The best thing about them: Most of them include spending time with your friends and having a blast of a time. You won’t even notice being sporty and active! ;

Secret hint: We saved the best for last! ;-)


1. USI Classes

USI? Huh? What are you talking about? The USI (Universitäts-Sportinstitut Wien) offers students different sporting activities and classes at fabulous prices – really fabulous! Under professional guidance (and between lectures, exams and home parties of course), you can learn all kinds of sports. Belly-butt-and-thigh-workouts or Chair Dance for the ladies, weight lifting or ice hockey for the gentlemen. The USI offers everything from basic to “What the f**k?!”-fancy. Take a look at the


2. Ice Skating

The Old Danube (Alte Donau), Der Wiener Eistraum (ice skating at the town hall square!), a small lake or in the city hall – Vienna has plenty of options and locations for enjoying ice not only in wafers but also on skates. With one of your friends taking a tumble (without any injuries, of course), ice-skating might even be good for a laugh! Or maybe you will embrace your inner figure skater? Who knows? Be that as it may, you will definitely be having a ball while – more or less gracefully – skating on the ice with your friends AND clearing your mind out in the fresh air.

(c) by www.wienereistraum.com


3. Cross-country Skiing

You are sports lover, anyway? Perfect! Vienna and its surroundings will spoil you with something special: Cross-country skiing! Magnificent landscapes, alone or in a group, in peaceful silence or joyful laughter – as the mood takes you, you will find your share of fresh air here:

  • 1st district – Prater Hauptallee
  • 2nd district – Skating Track Prater
  • 10th district – Wienerberg
  • 14th district – Steinhofgründe
  • 17th district – Schwarzenbergpark
  • 19th district – Cobenzl
  • 21./22nd district – Danube Island
  • 23rd district – Pappelteich at Maurerwald


The only condition: 20 cm of snow! Oh, and corss-country skis might also come in handy… :P


4. Bouldern

Terms like ice, snow and cold give you a panic attack? Well, then you might be better off in the warm. Climbing and bouldering actually is possible at any time. Even better that you don’t have to miss the fun in Winter – or will finally start with it! You will find different locations in Vienna, such as Boulder Bar.


5. Indoor Pools

Hey, water bug! Vienna has plenty of indoor pools and thermal baths at offer for you. In winter, they can be your best friend, your imaginary beach or simply an oasis of relaxation. Every indoor pool (and thermal baths as well) has a sports pool, though ;-) perfect for swimming the lanes, one after another, and combining your timeout with a little workout. At THE FIZZ Vienna Brigittenau, you will have the “Brigittenauer Bad” almost at your doorstep. Is there any excuse for not going there left?!

(c) by mrsnarnia on Instagram

6. Home Workouts

The thought of entering a sports hall or a warm pool is not too tantalizing? Okay, seems legit. BUT (!) you can still workout at home in your apartment. And here it is the promised highlight – DRUM ROLL:


THE FIZZ meets clever fit!

Clever Fit

In April 2018, the clever fit gym opened its doors at THE FIZZ Vienna Brigittenau. As tenant of our house, you can workout FOR FREE there! No, your eyes are not fooling you:


Free training for all FIZZies at clever fit!

And that’s not it. You can also use more than the clever fit gym at Dresdner Straße. You can also stop by at:

  • 3rd District, Markhofgasse 15-17
  • 14th District, Hütteldorferstrasse 219
  • 19th District, Franz-Klein-Gasse 5


  1. Grab your sports bag
  2. visit one of the gyms
  3. "Hey, I’m living at THE FIZZ!"
  4. get free access
  5. 20 crunces = 1 cookie10 min treadmill = 1 mulled wine


Hello, beach body – no excuses!