The first Playoffs in 2019 took place at THE FIZZ Bremen.

Eight teams competed against each other, defying icy temperatures, wind and showers of sleet. One more proof that Fizzies in the north are TOUGH!

Not only did the teams shine at the actual Games, they also wowed us with their creative names:

• The Cereal Killers

• The Three Musketeers

• The Drunk Panthers

• Gloria and the Night Kings

• The Bremen Lions

• The White Walkers

• The E-Lemon Actors

The kickoff was great already: a singing performance by the gifted Sophie.

Sophie with her silver voice

The Games were challenging and fun to watch!

First, the teams had to build towers out of aluminium foil. The highest tower won – it had 210 cm and almost resembled the Fallturm Bremen, which you can see from THE FIZZ Bremen!

Engineering skillz needed: It's harder than it looks!

In the second Game, the teams played “living wheelbarrow” and gathered as many plastic balls as possible.

Abs were of advantage in this game!

The third round consisted of several mini-games that were fought on vigorously.

Pouring water with a *tiny* handicap

Lastly, as grand finale : Strip Beer Pong! Let me tell you: It was INTENSE.

Happiness and disappointment were often at close quarters

By the end of the day, the winners were certain.

The first team entering the Finals on June 29 in Darmstadt are…

… the impeccably dressed GLORIA AND THE NIGHT KINGS!

First prize at the Games and for style: Gloria and the Night Kings!


Now we’re looking forward to the next Playoffs on Saturday 11th in Berlin. Stay tuned!

Fotos by Lennard Schmitt