Can you meet me halfway?

Personal house viewings and showing around future FIZZies has become a daily routine for us at THE FIZZ Vienna. Of course, we love welcoming you in our house but we have to admit: You coming to us is a pretty convenient thing.

Lucky you, we were part of the BeSt³ last weekend – Vienna’s biggest exhibition about everything that has to do with studying, career and education! We thought: Why don't we meet up halfway and bring THE FIZZ to you? At least to all of you visiting the fair anyway.

For everyone we could not meet in person at BeSt³, here is what happened from Thursday (7 March) to Sunday (10 March). Enjoy!

You want hard facts?

The BeSt³ is a yearly returning education and career fair. The biggest in Vienna actually:

4 days

7 to 10 March 2019

>75.000 visitors

>350 exhibitors (universities, exchange programs, student housing, companies, …)

THE FIZZ @booth A28

What did we do there?

Red, red, red as far as the eye can reach.

We had a lot more to offer than a fizzy booth and all the answers to your questions. Remember the “meet me halfway” part?

Okay, we were not able to fit the whole THE FIZZ Vienna Brigittenau into the city hall (only a logistical problem?). Instead, we somehow brought you into our house without even being there. See for yourself!

VR isn’t a thing anymore?

We doubt it! A bit shy, at first, the visitors approached our booth timidly. “Is this a VR gear? Can we try it?”, they asked scarcely audible. OF COURSE! Put on the goggles and here you, straight into Le FIZZtro, into our house. You see, bringing THE FIZZ Vienna to you was not empty promises. Hail to virtual reality!

After this one brave visitor making the first step, many others wanted to take a VR tour through THE FIZZ Vienna Brigittenau. Luckily, we did our homework and brought a TV screen so everyone around could join and watch the viewer’s adventure snooping around!

Meet the VR instructor

Did someone say snooping around?

Being attentive and looking closely at something can actually be worthwhile – at least with THE FIZZ. Take a look at this picture – Do you notice anything?

First things first: May we introduce? This is going to be one of our apartments at the new THE FIZZ Vienna Main Station (OPENING OCTOBER 2019 – WOHOOO!!).

Sneaky as a snake, we (more or less inconspicuously) hid four things that do not belong into our apartment. What for? For our raffle, of course: „Find the oddities!“. Why should you bother? Everyone who managed to find 3 out of 4 items got a coupon for free registration with BMW DriveNow and took part in the draw of the main prize. This goodie will not only be your favorite roomie, it will be your best friend:

Your own vacuuming slave: a robotic vacuum cleaner!

You really could not miss our raffle poster :-)

Long expo story short…

The BeSt³ 2019 was a great experience for us – again! And so it will be in 2020. We are ready for you!

In case you were already gripped by the VR tour fever: You can virtually explore THE FIZZ Vienna Brigittenau on our website.

Special thanks go to:

  • our colleagues from the Viennese and Munich sales team supporting us during these four days
  • BMW DriveNow for gifting our booth visitors with coupons