Let’s be honest: THE FIZZ Berlin may be our craziest house.

And the Playoffs last Saturday matched it perfectly. They were loud, unorthodox and spontaneous.

How can you measure the smash of the event? – Well, by the time the games were finished and the afterparty was just about to start, SBM Vlad’s voice was almost GONE. Whoever knows Vlad, will understand what that means!

Four teams lined up for the four games.

The first game was called Cup-Stacking. The cup pyramids were standing in no time!

Beercups are really useful. You'll see them later again...

The second game demanded some creativity and communication skill: A blindfolded team member was drawing a term their colleagues were describing to them. Some great artworks came out in this one.

See here: a future masterpiece.

Next, we had the most thrilling Strip Beer Pong ever. The two final teams were scoring one after the other, making it a really tight finish.

"So... the rule is that everybody has to be naked at the end?" - "YOU GOT IT!"

The obstacle run at the end was a little bit challenging for the competitors after having a few more beers – for the spectators however, it was even more fun to watch.

Some bending skills were of use!

Finally, the second team for THE SUMMER GAMES FINALE was set.


We’re happy to have you on board! See you at the Finals!

The next Playoffs will take place in the hosting house, THE FIZZ Darmstadt. Stay tuned!

Fotos by Cecilia Vieira