Golden times in the Golden City

Vienna, Budapest and Prague. To me, these cities are not only unbeatable in their beauty but they have so much more in common: an impressive old town rich in history and imperial charm, a river offering to experience the city out on the water or just enjoy good weather, uncountable green areas including parks and a (more or less small) hillock to overlook the whole city and so much more.

This week, a special occasion brought me to the “Golden City” of Prague: Together with my colleagues Diana, Christina and Enis, I visited our building site there!

Meet THE FIZZ Prague

Those of you who regularly check our Facebook page might already know:

We are coming to Prague next year!

2020 is going to be the year of openings for us. Together with Hamburg and one other project, we will open a THE FIZZ in Prague Holešovice, an up and coming district full of culture. Right now, the construction work is in full swing.

This is where all the magic will happen or rather is already happening. One highlight: The subway station Holesovice literally is around the corner!
Actually, it was not rocket science to identify the construction site as ours. The fence around it has already been decorated with our banners. But there is so much space for more... hmmm... what will we be doing with it?

What to expect

You see, we still got some work to do there. However, you don’t have to be patient until the building is ready. Here’s what we are up to in Prague Holešovice:

  • 539 student apartments
  • 8 floors
  • Single studios and twodios
  • Common areas & party rooms
  • Roof terrace & green spaces
  • Study rooms
  • Community manger
  • House manager service
  • Parking for cars and bicycles

Two roof terraces. With trees on them! I'm kinda excited...
But there will be some more green areas - perfect match with a city full of parks like Prague!
Of course, there will be various common areas inside THE FIZZ Prague as well.
And that's were you will live!


A historical detour

The “Golden City” Prague: Do you know where this illustrious name comes from? It is said that it was given to the city during the reign of Charles IV, the Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor. He had the towers of the Prague Castle covered in gold - which noble! I already like this explanation but there is another theory. Rumor has it that Rudolf II employed alchemists to turn ordinary metals into gold. Nice try, Rudie!

Uvidíme se brzy, Praha!

Until then, find out more on our website. You can also sign up to our waiting list for regular updates!

We obviously enjoyed our visit to Prague! And we even found a (especially to me pretty) familiar face on our construction fence :P Thanks for this shot to our sales manager (our selfie queen?) Diana.