Almost 1.500 new tenants are moving into our THE FIZZ houses in Germany and Austria these days.

In order to provide each and every newcomer a perfect move-in experience, all of our processes need to interlock perfectly. One small but nice detail of this journey is the Welcome Bag – a gift from us to you. Did you get one the day you moved in to your THE FIZZ?

It is in fact a challenge to deal with the sheer amount of bags to pack and distribute to eight different locations. Each THE FIZZ needs a different number of bags until a specific date: In Berlin, 100 new people or so are moving in, while in Frankfurt we have more than 200 and in Vienna even about 300 people! In addition, the semester starts earlier in Austria than it does in Germany.

Ready to ship to Vienna.

Luckily, we’ve found a great company to help us with the task.

The Stephanus Foundation is a non-profit diaconal foundation based in Berlin. In addition to support and offers for care, education and housing, they also offer workshops. Within these, people with disabilities or mental illness work on various, demanding projects including wood and metalworking, assembly and packaging.

We commissioned Stephanus for the packaging of 1.500 Welcome Bags. Until last year, we’ve been packing them ourselves – either at the Headquarter in Munich, or directly at THE FIZZ location. But the task outgrew us quickly: Packing 200 bags takes a few hours, even if you’ve got a few hands to help. Now, the house staff gets the bags pre-packed and only has to hand them out to the newcomers. The facilitation is HUGE!

Everything in place and ready to pack at the Stephanus workshop!

What’s also interesting is what’s in the Welcome Bag...

We’re happy to offer a few great partners a platform for sharing there products and services with you. This year, these partners are:

  • Studo app helps you organize your everyday student life with features like personalized timetable, workload calculator, course evaluation or e-mail interface.
  • nao brain gives you a natural energy boost with a mixture of coffee beans, matcha and brahmi, without sugar and artificial colouring.
  • Whoever needs to find a lucrative student job, can do this with studitemps. This platform matches companies with students and career-starters.
  • Our newest partner Techniker Krankenkasse helps you staying healthy… in every situation in life.

Sounds like a great all-in-one package to start into a new life episode. And don’t miss our community events during the Welcome weeks! We’re looking forward to meet everyone of you in person 😊